Loving Life In Leopard

Leopard is trending right now and I couldn't be happier!  I almost see it as another neutral color. Besides my booties, my fall shoes are looking a little sad. Bertha really knows how to destroy a shoe, so I've been on the hunt. My new favorite place to find shoes right now is Target.  They had a great price point and have really up'ed their game with style, quality and the best part . . . they carry wide widths!!  Can I get a Hallelujah! Every week or so I browse the wide width shoes (online, they don't carry them in store yet) to see if any new style have some into stock.  Once in a while if I see a regular width shoe I love I'll check out the reviews to see how people are saying it fits.  That's what I did for this next shoe and I'm am so glad I did!

I cannot stress enough how amazing and important reviews are.  And God bless the people who write them, it has seriously saved me from some bad purchases.  I saw the Universal Thread Lilian Microsuede Slip On Sneakers and looked it up only to find it was not sold in wide widths, but upon reading the reviews saw that most people thought they ran wider and larger!  Wider?  Larger?  As a woman weirdly music to my ears.  They have a black band over the top of the foot that stretches with your foot, like it was almost made with Lymphie's in mind. So I ordered them (one size up from my pre-lymphie size) and they fit!  Not only that, I wore them all day and comfort level was off the charts . . for a fashion sneaker.  When I took them off I also noticed they had given me extra compression on my foot and stubborn ankle.  So pretty much I want to wear them on the daily.  If you're in the market for something like this or want to give the whole leopard trend a try I highly suggest trying this sneaker.  Before wearing shoes out and about I normally wear them around the house, just in case they are a no go and I need to return.

I hope everyone is having a great week!  What are you favorite leopard finds?  Please share in the comments!  xoxo-Allie

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 Universal Thread Lilian Microsuede Slip On Sneakers 


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