Loving Life In Slip On Sneakers

Fall is here!  I'm sad to say goodbye to my sandals, but a little excited to not worry about painting my toes for a while.  Anyone with me?  The last pair of shoes I blogged about were from my favorite store, where dreams become realities and I pretty much never walk out with only one thing . . . or just what was on my list.  Yes the enchanting land of Target. These next shoes I'm posting about are also from Target (said in a french accent.)

The Reese Quilted Sneaker from A New Day.  These shoes come in regular and wide widths.  A few springs back I purchased the grey pair, they have worn really well and have been comfortable wearing for a full day.  So I knew when Target had 20% off shoes, it was a safe bet to get another pair.  Of course I chose black.  I've had a lot of questions from followers about how I pick my size for shoes.  Before Lymphedema I was pretty much a solid 10.  After Lymphedema I now size up to an 11 and for the most part only wear wide widths.  I don't really have any issues with the larger size with my non-Lympie foot, because I only wear a sock on my non-Lympie foot and just wear my compression stocking on Bertha.

I hope this information is helpful about sizing and if you're looking for a versatile sneaker, check this one out. So far I've worn it with this skirt, jeans and leggings.  It comes in several colors: black, gray, blush, green (I would call it olive) and white.  Currently most colors are almost fully stocked with wide sizes from size 5-12.  Happy shopping! xoxo-Allie

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Reese Quilted Sneakers


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