Loving Life #OOTD Sept 12-22

Well I have a lot of outfits to cover! Links to everything I am wearing will be under each picture. I'll start with my "Mom Power Suit."  Again my Faux Leather Leggings and my favorite top that I stock up on when they come one sale for $5, I size up to have more of a tunic length and again my versatile sneakers I talked about in the outfit above.  My Mom Bag I never leave without and this cute and comfy sweater.  I love leopard!  Also my $25 wide width sneakers, also featured in another look.
Leggings,Plus Leggings,Shoes,Top,Sweater,Bag,Sunglasses

This is my "Mom on the go" look or better yet my "Hat Day, because I really need to wash my hair look."  Either way it's my comfy outfit I wear far too often.  I've been living in these Faux Leather Leggings by SPANX, they have a high waist and are SPANX, so it helps with my Mom tummy.  These leggings come in a several colors and right now a few of them are on sale on Zappos.com.  And of course my go to Nike Frees. This picture snapped by my daughter is me in "Mom Mode," can you relate?

I live in Oregon which means it could rain any time of the year.  For a few years it just wasn't the 4th of July without some storm clouds and a few sprinkles.  You can tell a native Oregonian, because we will be walking around without an umbrella.  Besides when we stand in the rain watching a soccer game, we're bundled up in our rain gear (and Birkenstocks with socks.)  Here I'm wearing leggings from BP at Nordstom.  They have sold them the past 2 years during the fall and winter time, I hope they'll have them again, but if not I've added another moto legging that is a great option.  And my Vans, does that make me a VSCO Mom?

Ready for fall in this look!  I'm a stay at home Mom, but I also substitute part time at my kid's school as an Instructional Assistant.  Until I find jeans without holes, I'm wearing skirts and dresses to work.  I am loving this skirt, it does show off Bertha, which inclines little minds to ask me "what happened to your leg?"  I think I need to come up with a better response than "it's because I didn't eat my vegetables when I was little."  I'm kidding of course.  Also these sneakers are my new versatile shoe.  Leggings, jeans to dresses and skirts.  My three favorite things about this sneaker (in no particulate order) 1. They are only $25! 2. They come in wide sizes.  And 3. They come in 4 different colors!  PS I love this backpack.  I have lower back issues and this thing is cute, lightweight and super helpful on days when my back pain flares up.
Shoes,Skirt,Plus Skirt,Top,Jacket,Sunglasses,Backpack
This first one is probably my favorite, because of my sneakers.  Leopard meets comfort in these shoes.  They are not a wide width, but still fit Bertha.  If you're interested in them, Target is having 20% off shoes with their Cartwheel App for In Store, Order Pick-Ups and Drive Up Purchases. I hope some of these outfit ideas may of sparked some outfit inspiration or maybe it helped you find something you will add to your wardrobe.  Always feel free to ask questions, share what you would like me to be on the search for or tell me some of your finds so I can pass them along!  xoxo-Allie
Sneaker,Jeggings,Jeggings 2,Top,Sweater,Mom Bag


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