Loving Life #OOTD-September 23-29

Sunday Funday!  This last weekend was full and flew by!  I keep waiting for life to slow down, but I don't think that is a real thing.  So I am trying to find the moments and make memories where my family has nothing planned, but being together.  This was not this weekend, ha ha!  There's always the next one.  Most of my outfit are items I've had for years, but the boots and jacket are in stock!  These boots are seriously my favorite and are the first boot I've found that really fits Bertha (bonus they come in wide widths!!)

Booties.Jeggings 1.Jeggings 2.Jeggings 3.Jacket.Similar Top.Necklace

Starting the new school years has brought so many changes to my kid's lives.  It has been kind of a rough start emotionally.  For a long time I struggled finding a parenting expert that really spoke my idea of parenting.  Last year my some sort of miracle I stumbled upon my spirit parenting expert (is that a thing?)  One of his main ideas is to get kids (and yourself) out into nature.  Being surrounded by the earth's beauty can be so peaceful and healing.  This is a long introduction to this picture and first outfit.  When in doubt find nature and immerse yourself in it, I guarantee it will help your heart and mind.
Joggers.Similar Shoes.Top.Plus Top.Sweatshirt.Plus Sweatshirt

I am so bummed the dress in this picture is sold out, but this is a great example of taking summer dresses into fall with a few added clothing items.  Again my booties that come in so many great fall colors and also come in wide width sizes. A win win!!
Similar Dress.Similar Dress Plus.Booties,Plus Top,Top,Bag

I am really in need of some jeans, but I just have not made the time to go out looking and it's one item I don't trust to online shopping.  Until then it's outfits with leggings like these faux leather leggings.
Leggings.Plus Leggings.Shoes.Similar Top.
Similar Jacket.Similar Jacket Plus.Bag

New,Favorite.Top. I'm pretty sure it's actually a dress, but for me it's a comfy, flattering tunic that covers my bum when I wearing leggings. And my neutral leopard sneakers that I'm convinced almost go with everything!
Leggings.Sneakers.Tunic.Plus Tunic.Sunglasses.Bag

I hope my #ootd recap post give you inspiration for outfits along with resources of pants and shoes that might work for you and your lower extremity Lymphedema.  As always feel free to ask any questions and check out my Instagram and Facebook for "Take Request Thursdays."  I would love to help find some options for items you are looking for, struggling to find, etc.  xo-Allie


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