The Girl The Leg And The Wardrobe

My closet is a rather funny sight.  All of my shoes lined up, the left ones look as if I just purchased them, while the right one look like I have not only worn it for years, but perhaps trained for a marathon in it, hiked through the Amazon and it got run over by a truck.  My poor left shoes, always thrown out before their time.  I imagine they have a support group and are learning to forgive me.

I color coordinate my closet, which makes me laugh now that I have taken a picture of it.  From black, chambray, white and gray to my small section of color or patterns when I thought I needed to "branch out,"  I usually wear it once or twice.  A soft pink sweater for Easter or blue blouse for a baby shower.  Then sadly it remains in my closet until I realize it has actually collected dust where it has draped on the hanger.  Lucky for me I have a sister in law who can flaunt any color who gladly adopts my Easter and baby shower clothes.

Just a heads up this blog post is my equivalent of a a clip show.  I thought I would feature my most treasured pants that fit Bertha (if you haven't checked out some of my earlier post.)  First I have my basics black stretch pants (Zella & LuLaRoe.)  Which I usually sport with my standard black v-neck or comfy flannel.  I also pair those tops with my favorite jeans (Gap & Wit and Wisdom.) Finding jeans that fit is like Christmas day for a lymphie- please give me all of the colors in my size!!

What are your love items you could wear everyday?  It's wonderful finding clothing that fits and that we feel great in, even if it is an ongoing journey to find those love items.  And I think this Easter I am wearing my favorite color, black . . . sorry Jesus.  XOXO-Allie


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