Loving life with cancer

This should be the subtitle of my blog.  The two are so closely connected, but at the same time could not be more different.  I've had some people ask why I named my blog "Loving life with Lymphedema."  It's not a lovely thing at all to have.  To me it means that beyond the physical (and mental) battle of living with a chronic condition I still love my life!  Everyone in this world has issues and problems to deal with, they just all look different.  Some may look at me with sympathy, because of cancer and lymphedema.  When I can see millions of people who are in worse condition than myself.   Everyone's  life is individual.

In a conversation with my son the other day (after he made a not so great decision about hitting his sister) I was trying to explain my job.  My job is to raise you to be a kind man who will leave the world a better place. Really isn't that why we're all here, to be kind and show love and try to leave this earth a better place.  By what we've accomplished, our relationships and being a kind and loving human.  I am thankful for this life.

Stepping back and basically focusing on my health and family I have seen things I may never have.  I've experienced loneliness and realized I can find not just contentment in it, but joy.  Now before you picture me as Cinderella singing to woodland creatures as they help me clean my home.  There are tough days physically and mentally.  But they are moments and they pass when I truly can focus on why I'm here and see that this life is a gift.

Loving life to me isn't my current condition, it's a mindset. By the grace of God I can have a joyful life in spite of my circumstance.  Loving life with Lymphedema (and cancer) has been a mindset.  I feel like it's easy to find the bad in this world, to see the negative in a situation.  My hope for myself and my family is to acknowledge life can be hard, unfair and cruel.  But, what can we do to make it a better place?  To find beauty in the ugliness, to find joy in the middle of pain.  Again it's a daily decision and battle, but one I am willing to fight.  XOXO-Allie


  1. Allie, what a beautiful and real post! I love your heart and how you have allowed this horrible affliction to work a greater purpose and beauty in your life. Love you and this post, dear friend! ❤❤ (MaryO)

    1. Thank you Mary for all of your love and support. Thankful for my family and friends. I love you!


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