#ootd August

Date Night! And this Mama needed one for sure! This summer I kept seeing Pantsuits/Rompers (whatever you want to call them.) But after numerous try on's I couldn't find the perfect fit for Bertha. After the hilarity of my dressing room failures I took my sweaty self home empty handed, searched Amazon and found this holy grail of rompers. It's super lightweight and unlike a lot of rompers, super easy to take on and off and wide enough for Bertha. Dressed up or down it has been a staple in my summer wardrobe.

The dreadful part of summer to me is walking around with my wet compression stocking after being in the water. It rubs and chafes my other thigh. This year I searched and found my solution, long swim shorts. It was surprisingly difficult to find what I had in mind, but thankfully my searching paid off. I was able to enjoy playing in the lake with my kids and could function freely on land wet compression and all.

My go to outfit and jeggings that magically seem to fit Bertha no matter her size. Sure these jeans didn't have rips in them before I bought them, ha ha, no I am very thankful ripped denim is in! I could basically wear this outfit everyday and be happy.

Skirt,Similar Skirt,Top
Booties,Similar Necklace

This outfit (besides the jewelry) was under $40, how I love Target! Loving that leopard is in right now, it's basically part of the color wheel, see I wear colors. This skirt has been great for the super hot days.  I have loved seeing all of the Lymphie Ladies flaunting their stockings, builds my confidence to do the same!


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