$40 Birkenstocks, Yes Please!

I love Birkenstock's!  So when I saw "Birkenstock for $39.99" I thought I had died and gone to heaven or it was a scam.  To my delight, both were false, I was very much alive and reading the website correctly.  The Essential Gizeh Flip Flop comes in so many fun colors, it was hard to decide which one, but of course I went with the basic white.  I had a Nordstrom gift card burning a hole in my wallet and bonus, my Nordstrom store had my size & color, 2 hours later they were ready to be picked up!  They also have different colors  and sizes at these retailers: DSW, ZapposBirkenstock and Dicks.

Mothers Day I developed a erysipelas infection in Bertha.  Happy Mothers Day you get a fever, chills and horrible pain in your leg . . . I don't think Hallmark has a card for that.  I was laying low for a few days, so my husband picked them up.  I opened the box and to my surprise they felt light as a feather.  The body of the sandal is completely made of EVA foam, so they form to your foot.  They not only have adjustable straps, but the straps are stretchy as well.  So they stretched and fit my lymphie foot-swollen, infected and all.  The things that make me excited these days, I'm a pretty simple girl to please.

I love that they are foam and water friendly so I can easily wash them off when I inevitably get them dirty.  I think I found the one white piece of clothing that is Allie and kid proof!  So Happy Mothers Day to me, I bought my own gift, along with the sweetest homemade crafts my husband did with our babes.  Speaking of the babes in our life, when I began to write this blog post I also found the Gizeh Essentials for Kids too!  I was thinking about having my daughter twin with me this summer with a pair of her own . . . but, then I thought she already has enough material to share with a therapist when she's older.  XOXO, Allie

What is your favorite style of Birkenstocks?  My lymphie limb has only been able to fit the Gizeh style.


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