Loving Life in Shorts?

Shop My Look Here!
Shop My Look Here!

I had to add the question mark, because even before lymphedema at my thinnest I’m sad to say I never felt comfortable in shorts as a young adult. What that translated into is, “I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin” therefore I didn’t wear shorts.  I love flowy maxi dresses for summer, but now that we’ve become campers, the dress thing isn’t very practical. Even at home I find myself sweating up a storm, but a lot of times it's because of hot flashes. Picture you’re walking in a sweat suit in like 100° weather . . . and then walk into a sauna while Satan is breathing his hot breath on you-that’s a hot flash. 

Sooo back to shorts.  Jean shorts are so cute, but if I’m going to wear shorts I need them to be lightweight, comfortable and flattering. Those words all describe the new short I found. Wild Fable’s High Rise Ruffle Shorts. They come in 3 colors and are $17!! I’ve learned at Target if you see something you could see yourself loving-grab 1 if not 2 of that item.  When you realize it’s a love item sometimes it’s too late. So I purchased the black and pink floral pair and have my eye on the coral floral ones now. Like I say if you find a love item, buy 2, especially if you’re a Lymphie! I have learned this lesson far to well sadly.  So if you don’t know if you’re a “shorts person” try this:

1. Find a pair of shorts that fit and you like.

2. Buy the shorts.

3. You're beautiful!!  Put the shorts on and enjoy your day!

See it’s easy! If you can wear shorts you're a shorts person!! Your body is beautiful, my prayer is we can live not fearing what others might think. Just to be clear, you don’t have to wear short to feel free.  I just hope your body isn’t holding you back from making choices that will benefit or bring joy to your life-or at least a little comfort. Everyone is different and has a different comfort zone, I just want people, especially women to live a beautiful carefree life, feeling confident in the skin they are in!  xo-Allie


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