The Simple Things-Polished Nails

Having lymphedema I have pretty much had to say good-bye to pedicures.  (There is a greater risk for infection if you get cut etc.)  Which is ok with me, I've never been too keen on people touching my feet.  As for manicures, they were a thing of the past as well ever since putting compression stockings on has been a daily ritual.  No matter what I've tried it seems like my nails would chip or smudge after my morning exercise session of compression (hey I rhymed!)  My nails already looked like a kindergarten painted them before the smudges anyways . . . so nail polish and I parted ways and it was ok.

I have never been very girly or cared too much about keeping my nails up, that's because I never knew how life could be with beautifully polished nails.  However, the day I found shellac my world changed.  With shellac I had gorgeous nails that didn't chip or smudge no matter how much I beat them up.  I could put on my compression stocking right after lotioning my leg, in the heat of summer and my nails would come out shinning like the stars.  I notice the older I get the more I find how fun being a girl can really be.  The only problem was I couldn't really justify the expense of maintaining shellac, besides special events.

For a while I lived in a naked nail world and thought I would never have that feeling you get when your nails pop.  I could be in my sweats, with my glasses on, with no make up, but if my nails were done I would have a skip in my step.  Vacuuming felt like dancing!  School drop off was my runway!  It's amazing how the little things in life can make such a difference.  A lit candle, good cup of coffee, a conversation with a friend feeds my soul.  Add to that list shellac nails.

The like 37th best day of my life was when my sister in law introduced me to Vinylux nail color.  Two coats and a top coat and I have shellac type nails for up to a week.  I can put my compression stockings on with out a smudge or chip.  (This is where I would insert the "tears of joy" emoji.)  I purchase mine on Amazon, they provide a plethora of colors and most of them are prime shipping, yay!  Also I can paint them like a kindergarden would and the polish left on my skin peels off pretty easily.  Again my favorite color is black, but I'm learning to branch out.  Lymphie and non lymphie, we all know the struggle of spending so much time on our nails only to have them ruined with one oops.  I am hoping this products brings you a simple joy as it does for me.  XOXO-Allie

The simple things in life.

My favorite black & top coat.


  1. Hi Allie! I just wanted to give you a heads up that they do have some shades Vinylux on sale on if you want to check it out. I picked up overtly onyx and glacial mist and got the topcoat from Amazon. Looking forward to trying them out. Thanks! :) Best, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you for the heads up, I'll for sure check it out, I'm in need of some spring & summer colors. I hope you love them as much as I do!


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