Slippers with zippers!

My dog Penny is the sweetest Golden you'll even meet, however she is still a puppy.  I'll hand it to her, it's a very short list of items she has chewed that she wasn't suppose to.  The kids artwork, an ornament my son made (wow, what does she have against the kids!?) and the corner of a rug.  But the most devastating possession- my slippers.  My simple $14.99 Target slippers.  I called them my polar bear feet, because they were white faux fur . . and at times that's how big I feel!  Yes, you can laugh at that.  They even had a slit on the side, so I could slip them on over Bertha.

Most of the time when I find an inexpensive love item I'll buy two.  Why?  Why did I not do that with these slippers?  I am not a store shopper. What I mean is an all day shopping excursion leaves me exhausted.   Trying on clothes (that don't fit a lot of the time) for this lymphie sometimes bring me to tears . . . and sweating, ha ha!  I love to know my size and shop from the comfort of my home.  I have it down, if I don't know my size, I find my measurements with cooking string and a tape measure.  For the most part it works out.  And I like to keep my kids guessing on my sanity when they see me measure.

The other day I was done wearing my clunky Uggs around the house or socks that cut off my circulation. I searched Target again and found the holy grail of slippers.  Zippers on the back=perfection!  They are Women's Mad Love® Mellie Sherpa Bootie Slippers 

We have had some intense weather which has delayed our meeting.  But the other day my heart sang as I heard "Mommy a box is outside, it's from Target!"  I unpacked them, slipped them on and my feet went on a mini vacation in my mind.  They have a cushy shearling liner and rubber sole if I need to run outside for a minute.  I can fit them over both feet, although they scrunch up a little on my lymphie leg.  I can also zip one up and zip one zip down. A perfect fit . . . well as perfect as I can get right now.  When I put them on I feel like the Cinderella of night wear.  What is your love item?  XOXO-Allie

New slippers & lightsaber as my cane.

I purchased these in an XL (I usually wear 11's.)


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