Sandals for the Sun

Stylish sandals, these exist for a foot like mine?  Now that I'm out of the baby stage with my kids I am coming up for air and trading in my sport clothes and shoes for more put together outfits.  Well I'm trying . . . succeeding not so much.  I've begun to try to be a smart shopper and when I see something I know will be useful and practical I buy it.  The other day it was a LBD (little black dress.)  The sleeves were a bit longer to hide my wobbly arms, the waist and hem length were ideal!  My husband urged me to buy it.  "Do you know how many times you've gone shopping for a dress like this?!"  It was staring me in the face and I hesitated, well no more!!  OR maybe it's my excuse to just shop 'til I drop?  If my husband is endorsing it though it has to be right . . . right?!

The other day looking around for sandals I could dress up during spring and summer, I came across the Lace-Up Gladiator Sandal from Lane Bryant.  I love Lane Bryan shoes, because they are wide widths.  These sandals are especially great, because they lace up, so you can adjust them if you only have lymphedema in one of your legs/feet.  Again I hesitated.  "Maybe just one of the colors? What would I wear them with? When would I wear them?"  I heard my better half's voice, literally he was sitting next to me and said "buy both!"  So I bought both colors.  Thankfully they have regular sales, so I was able to score them both with 40% off.  I usually find coupon codes at: 

A lot of the reviews said they ran big, so I guess it depends how swollen your lymphie limb is.  Before lymphedema I wore a size 10, now I wear a size 11.  I ordered a size 11 and to my surprise I should of sized down. Reviews don't lie! I was happy with how they fit (besides the length.) Of course Bertha always fills a shoe out while Tiffany swims in the other, but with being able to adjust the laces I was happy enough to have a stylish sandal that fit well enough (once I get the right size.) And for the price it was a no brainer.  XOXO-Allie

I love how you can adjust the laces. 
Hoping they come back this next Spring/Summer!


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